Saturday, June 27, 2015

Good Enough To Eat

Good photography is always a joy to behold, and you may well know that my love of food remains unparalleled. So it's no surprise that I have become addicted to the wonderful and whimsical food photography of Claudia Ficca.

I suppose it's residual from a childhood instinct to play with my food, but I love the way she styles edibles with which we are so familiar, making them seem abstracted, magical, sometimes just totally messed up. Where I would usually feel the urge to cringe at (even pictures of) huge messes, here I find joy in analyzing every detail down to the smallest strewn pea. Maybe I am living vicariously through the haphazard life of whatever being is implied to have made these wondrous messes. Whatever it is, I am hooked.

I do wonder if a lot of this food is real, or crafted of some other material. I heard that photographs of ice cream actually feature mashed potatoes (with food colouring!) and those artful splashes of liquid are actually plastic statues. Take the jam above for example. I've never seen such scrumptious-looking raspberry preserves...but then, maybe I'm not eating the right jam. I might have to look into that.

It'd be hard to make bacon look bad, surely. But this image is so sultry that it makes the bacon seem personified; with a personality and mystery all its own. Did you know it was possible to shoot mood photography with bacon?!

Underneath my known love of food, I guess what I really like about Ficca's work is the way she can make something so mundane and everyday (such as a pan full of bacon – that's my everyday) look so mysterious and beautiful. My bacon pans don't look half as good as hers, and that's probably a good thing. Lord knows if I came across food that looked as good as this, I'd have a hard time eating it.

Here's the same link as above; I urge you to check out her website. But maybe not on an empty stomach.

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