Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekly Update - Striking It Up!

Music: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Self Titled
I found out about this band while I was watching a video on Youtube about 3D printing. Oh, how far we've come. Anyway, I've been noticing that sixties psychedelic rock has been coming back into vogue lately, and while I love it as much as the next hippie, UMO takes the genre and really makes it their own. You'll just have to listen to understand what I'm saying. Oh, and they're coming to Toronto in June!

I finished my second Skillshare! Yep, Joshua Davis' Programming Graphics has been put to bed! Well, sort of. I will be writing a blog post about what I learned, as well as what I have made with it. Not to mention the severe change to my workflow. Which brings me to the next block of this weekly update...

I will be using Hype for an upcoming data visualization project! I plan to use the skills I have been learning in Information Design 4 with Hype, Processing, and csv-based datasets to create generative art. But instead of the art being generated randomly, it's driven by data! Okay, there's a lot going on there, but you'll see. So far, I've created a set of ten shapes, all related to a cause of death. The colours relate to provinces in which each death happened, and shapes relate to number of deaths. I know it's a little morbid, but check out the cool design!

Random Thought:
Well, it's not so random. You may have heard by now, York is going on strike in under two hours. As we all know, the last strike lasted almost three months and was only ended because of a by-law forcing the strikers to go back to work (or something like that). And I have been told that this by-law is no longer in place because it was deemed unfair. Well, look who's getting the unfair treatment now. Anyway, it's not all bad; I have the ability to continue my work as if nothing happened. It's just the fact that for every week of the strike, there will be another week of school tacked onto my life. Adding that into the mix of finding a job is going to prove a little problematic, to say the least. Good thing the only classes I would have would be on Tuesdays. Only one day a week to worry about!

Until this dumb thing ends, I'll still be making fun stuff and writing silly blog posts. I can't see myself slacking even though there will definitely be less travel time in the bitter winter in my future. Hey – another bright side!

Inspiration: Panda for Chrome
Literally THE source for inspiration. Panda is a plugin for Chrome that changes your home page to what amounts to the god of all RSS feeds for designers. You can customize it to show anything and everything design related like a live feed of dribbble, hacker news, designer news and more. I love it. I like to read design news articles but am too lazy to go looking for them myself, and here they are, all numbered and shiny for me. I am addicted.

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