Sunday, February 24, 2013

Type Where You'd Least Expect It

It's new project time in Typography III! I am loving that the professors have finally loosened the reigns, considering it's the third typography course in the program. No more boring black and white, now it's photography and painting and so much colour!

This project is the first to use large quantities of text, and I am toying with how to properly lay out type to accentuate the somewhat strange page size (20" x 12"). Since I have been lusting over being able to incorporate photographic/painting techniques into my work since day one, I was particularly inspired by Wayne White's work. (Say that three times fast).

Marcel Duchamp is a big French fag. Not probably the words I would choose for my project, but certainly catches your eye. I love the ethereal feel of the words, especially reflected in bodies of water (which most of his works include). These paintings look like they could have been found in a Value Village for fifty cents. Needless to say, they're probably worth a lot more than that now.

What's even more, Wayne's work was actually picked up by Adult Swim (the night time mature-themed cartoons shown by Cartoon Network). I think that was where I first saw it.

This piece would look (almost) right at home on the walls of your rustic cottage. I never thought all those classes on perspective would come in such handy, but there you go. We'll see if mine will turn out half as good as Wayne's.

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