Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Craft Explosion!

It seems that in the past couple of years, DIY has become a crazily popular pastime. In case anyone doesn't know, DIY stands for do-it-yourself. While it may seem kind of brash for a sub-culture (memories of mom yelling that no, she won't make me a sandwich, and why don't I "do it yourself!").

I have been DIY-ing for a long time, as it would seem. Ever since the Mastermind Toys opened up near my house, and I was able to pick out any toy I wanted, I knew I would be a crafter. Did I choose the cool new Barbie with super soft hair? Nope. Did I reach for the new race car with realistic flame decals? Heaven for bid! Nope, it was a little box of seed beads and a jewellery making book 'for kids'. That was quite the advanced book for me at the lil' age of eight, and still continues to be now.

Since my first weaving loom made from a kleenex box, I have spiraled into a whirl of craft projects, ranging from jewellery to repurposed clothing to home improvement. I am definitely nowhere close in skill to some of the crafting blogs I have seen pop into existence in the past while, but I enjoy it and continue to use the things I make long after the hot glue gun has cooled.

I love to search for inspiration, and some of the ways I look for fresh new crafts are as follows:

Love Aesthetics
Some of the most outlandish crafts made by loveable (if slightly alien-looking) Ivania Carpio of the Netherlands. I found out about her blog through Nasty Gal and love everything she makes. Even if I don't think I could pull it off. Don't be scared, you don't have to dye your hair white to make some of the things, not the least of which is this cool repurposed VHS case purse.
So suave.

While their clothing seems expensive beyond reach of the loan-ridden student, the blog uses cheap materials and tools to create some really cute things. So you can pretend you're wearing Free People clothing even though you repurposed that t-shirt from Walmart. I won't tell anyone, don't worry. I really want to make this for my garden (when the weather gets warmer).
A tiny little hanging plant.

This blog is fabulous because each post offers both an inspirational collage of a specific current fashion trend, and a cool related DIY. Most of the projects can be made with cheap materials, such as the plastic knife earrings found below, and are well thought out due to the not-so-subtle branding of one material in each project. Luckily, you don't have to buy the brand-name stuff; the dollar store works just as well.
Still useable as cutlery in a pinch!

Josie Davis is the queen of country DIY. From mason jar iced coffee mugs to repurposed plaid shirts to handmade stationary, she always has something fresh. And her photography is so pretty, it makes you feel like you're right there in the country with her. Check out this easy window decoration with only string and coloured paper.
Brings the beauty of Fall inside.

If you have any good crafting blogs, let me know! I am always ready for new projects. Crafting brings the new and the beautiful to otherwise old and possibly gross/broken/stained things. Breathe new life into your old things instead of buying new. It's cheaper, more fun, and you can make it exactly how you want it. You'll be so much happier for it.

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