Sunday, April 17, 2011

We're Fans Too

I am super happy about the comeback of records that's happening right now. Modern-day bands are releasing vinyl along with mp3 downloads and those old dusty CD's as well, which means album art ain't dead yet! Again with the touchy-feely, I love the whole idea of records and their big, glorious, clunkyness makes me very content. Putting a record on a turntable and playing it is a whole experience. Playing a song through your computer or iPod dock isn't even comparable to lining up the record hole with that little knob thing in the middle and placing the needle ever-so-carefully on the record. Who really knows where it will end up? You count the patterns in the grooves and try to place it on the song you want, but if you're a little off, you just listen to whatever starts playing because there just isn't a song on that entire album that isn't worth listening to. This is all a very experienced event, something done in a certain order for a specific outcome.

Maybe it has something to do with muscle memory, completing a physical action over and over so much so that even when you haven't completed the action for a long time, the next time you do, you remember exactly what to do.

Either way, records have a much better sound quality than any CD player or iPod dock I have listened to, something indiscernible but undeniably present in the music that just doesn't happen through any digital speaker. One mash-up of this near and dear topic and creative advertising is the new (old) Boom 97.3 radio station ads which have been popping up in bus shelters near you. 

A visual representation of the feeling that these people get when they listen to their favourite record. Their music embodies them, and here is a photo which further emphasizes that message. I love everything about these ads, and here is a list I have compiled of their awesomeness.

  • they promote the awesomeness of classic rock/'old' music (let's have no more of this Ke$ha character, okay?)
  • they promote the also awesomeness of vinyl (aforementioned)
  • album art may have arguably met its peak at the height of popularity of vinyl, and is here appreciated yet again
  • this is such effective symbolism of connecting individuals with their favourite music, and in a graphic and creative way to boot
Because I love them so much, I ventured into the basement depths of Sonic Boom and did a couple of my own versions.

Did you know that cellphone cameras are not of the best quality? I was shocked and appalled!

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